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sms marketing company 

Dear visitor,

Now TUKU ENTERPRISE brought a golden chance for you to earn money by your mobile. TUKU ENTERPRISE is a big name in the field of SMS Marketing if you have your own mobile then you can earn Rs 6,000+ per month by sending our SMS.

What is the concept

After joining us, you will be our messenger, you will have to send our SMS to other mobile numbers. numbers will be provided by us. you will have to send 200 SMS everyday. we will pay you 1 Rs per SMS (after checking accuracy level). for example if you send 200 SMS everyday then your one day earning is-

200 x 1 = 200rs in a day,

so your 1 month earning will be 200 rs x 30 = 6000rs

now you can see that how you can earn 6000rs per month by spending only half hours in a day. because if you send one SMS in 7 second then you will send 200 SMS in 1400 second = 24 minutes (you don't have to type any SMS, you will have to only forward the SMS given by us.)

There are many SMS packs available in market of all mobile companies. to sending SMS you can use SMS pack of various mobile company, by this your 1 SMS will cost only 1 to 5 paisa per SMS. so your expanse of sending SMS in a month will be only 400 - 500rs.

 Why and How we will Pay you Earning of SMS -


We will pay you because you will do SMS Marketing for us, today everyone has mobile so marketing by mobile is easy and cost effective, we have a unique Payment structure for our members, by the help of that payment structure we are able to pay to all our members. all the details about that payment structure will be provided you in our working kit which you will get after request of joining this sms marketing job. 

How you will got your payment

We release all the payments after 30 days of joining date. you will got your payment by money order, cheque & direct fund transfer in your account. you will have to select one in given methods.


Who can start

Any student, Housewife, Retired persons, Professional, Self employed, Unemployed, Businessman & all those who wish to Earn Extra Income with a easy work. you should have a mobile to start this work. no age boundation.


 How you can join us

You can join us by paying our registration fees Rs.400/-. To join this home based job you will have to order your WORKING KIT. In WORKING KIT you will get all the material to start the work and all the info regarding the work. We will send you your WORKING KIT at your given E-mail ID and further details to pay the registration fees will be given at your Email id. To order the working kit please fill our JOINING FORM. After getting your details we will mail you next step to start this profitable SMS Marketing job.